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Dear Author, Unfortunately ...

As of this date, I haven't sold a story. I'm mentioning this once and I'm not planning on mentioning it again. This is a page about what I write and the fascination of the process, not how well it sells - or doesn't sell. There are, as many agents and other writers point out, many many blogs by unpublished authors. I'm doing this page for several reasons, but inflicting my rejection letters on the universe isn't one of them.

You the reader can assume I'm submitting pieces to various markets and agents. All that's churning away in the background and it has as much fascination for other people as watching the dishwasher cycle.

If I get a piece accepted, I do plan to jump up and down. Here. Once. Okay, maybe twice. Then it's back to the dishwasher and ongoing projects.

As for why I'm doing the web page, one reason is to remind people of overlooked books by other writers that deserve to be read. I have quite a collection of best-loved stories by very good authors and I think they should be best sellers. If one person reads a note here and goes on to read one of these books and enjoys it, the page is worth my time.

I'll mention some other reasons for the web page as I get around to them.

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