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And . . . Lulu's Done

I've completed the publication process on Lulu for the paperback version of Matcher Rules. I have a proof copy on order, which is supposed to arrive within 10 day or so. Then, assuming they haven't left out a chapter or put the cover on upside-down, it goes live.

Realistically, this version is pure ego for me. I don't expect to sell many, or any, in hardback. But I want, as do most authors, a copy of my work in my hands. Ebooks don't do it for me, which is age or habit. I think it's great books are available in various electronic formats but I'm not convinced people are reading them, as distinct from a quick browse. And there is nothing like a physical book. Nothing.

I had fewer problems with Lulu's publishing interface because of all the pre-work. I had a beautifully created and vetted PDF, and a custom cover designed to their template. Neither of them was done by me, but I didn't rely on Lulu's stable of tame formatters or designers either. So I uploaded both files, their system accepted them, the cover displayed within the publisher marks, and I powered through the remainder of the system. It took twenty minutes, if you don't count the month of preparation and the team I assembled.

Lulu does have a way to create your own cover, including uploading and shifting images. Since I had the custom cover, I didn't dig into that part of the interface. But I found out where all those shit-brown covers on Smashwords are coming from. I refuse to believe people independently designed their own book covers in dark brown, so there must be some mechanism for downloading the book cover once created and uploading it to Smashwords. Luckily, I don't have to worry about the legality of other people's actions.

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