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The Bone Road podcast available

The podcast of The Bone Road is available here at Podiobooks for free. It's 27 episodes of about 30 minutes each.

Podiobooks has a new and completely revamped website, some parts of which I really like and other parts still in development. One of the things not yet functional is the ratings system, and another is the New Podcasts widget, so even though The Bone Road is very new, you won't find it listed there. Use the link above or the search function. It's also available on iTunes, in the podcast section.

Enjoy! I'd love some feedback (I think they have the Comments working) even if you can't rate it aside from 'Like' on Facebook and Twitter.

UPDATE: They have a new row of thumbnail features, New Releases, up and running. And there is The Bone Road, front and center. Site is coming back up to full functionality really fast, thank you Evo Terra!


The New Releases on Podiobooks is working wonderfully. I've had over 3,000 downloads for The Bone Road since it came out. I've also noticed a splash effect on Matcher Rules, where the downloads are up also. And, more importantly, feedback indicates the listeners have noticed the improved quality on the recording of The Bone Road. I'm very happy with that, because all that hard work in August is paying off.

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