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Upcoming: Other Writers' Books

Before I was a writer, I was a reader. And if I have a choice between reading a new book by one of my favorite authors or working on my own, I smother the guilt (all writers struggle with guilt on a daily basis unless they are actually WRITING) and curl up and read.

If you're on my favorite author list, I buy your new title in hardback. Because that's the way I grew up reading books and that's how I enjoy reading most. There's something so exciting about a new story by a great author in hardback: it's finally here and it's tangible. If you're on the top of my favorite's list, I buy the hardback, the ebook, and the audiobook. Because I will listen to your book while walking, I'll read it in the doctor's waiting room, but the first time I read it will be in the hardback. I'll get a paperback if that's all there is but if I have a choice, hardback. This explains why my house is over-stuffed with books, but that's another post.

I search Amazon for my favorite authors. I sort their titles by publication date, winnow out the other, lesser, authors that Amazon doesn't bother to exclude, and see if there's something upcoming. I put the lay-down dates on my calendar. It's like waiting for Christmas, except Christmas comes several times a year.

Right now, I'm counting down to October. Three of my favorite authors are publishing new titles in series I follow. And here they are:

Tanya Huff, An Ancient Peace. Peacekeeper #1: This is a continuation and a spinoff of her Torin Kerr or Confederation series. It's space opera, very funny and very well done space opera, with a kick-ass heroine. I've reviewed the previous books on Goodreads and now that Torin is no longer a Marine Gunnery Sergeant I'm hoping she will kick some more ass in new parts of the galaxy. Publishing Oct. 6.

David Weber, Hell's Foundations Quiver: This is volume 8 in his Safehold series. I only buy Weber in hardback, because the extended committee meetings can be painful in audiobook, and I find the size difficult to navigate in ebook. But he has me hooked on the story and I'll stick with him to the end. I've talked about Weber in detail on this blog, and all the caveats still apply. But essentially fascinating. Publishing Oct. 13.

J.K. Rowling, Career of Evil: The third volume in her Cormoran Strike series. Fantastic mysteries with great character, although they seem to be getting darker and darker. This one is supposed to be the creepiest yet. I can't wait. Publishing Oct. 23.

I wish these publishing events were spread out a bit more. It's not that I can't read all these in a month; I can because I'm a speed-reader, or at least very fast. But it seems unfair (boo hoo, life is unfair!) that after months and months of none of my authors publishing anything three of them should be publishing in one month. I'm living on crackers without cheese and in October I'll get a big box of chocolate. Life is so hard.



Publication and Sale: The Dog of Pel

The Dog of Pel is now available in ebook on Smashwords and Amazon. The paperback should be available on Amazon later this week.

As a celebration (because I'm always so damn relieved to get this far!) the ebooks of both Matcher Rules and The Bone Road are on sale at both vendors for $0.99 during July and August. Or longer if I feel happy.


The Dog of Pel — Coming July 2015



All Jamie Pel wants is a quiet life in his demesne and someone to share it with. As the secondary heir—the spare—of the Magne of Pel, his uncle, he’s avoided the pomp and ritual other Magnes and their primary heirs seem to relish. But with talk of a nascent slave trade circulating in Gallia, the Magne of Pel recruits Jamie to join an observation mission to the Scour, the blasted, burned-out territory where people sell themselves into slavery to get out.

With nothing but good intentions and a desire to steer clear of drama, Jamie obliges, but while he’s out-demesne, his uncle and beloved cousin—the primary heir—are both killed, elevating Jamie to a powerful position he’s spent his life trying to avoid. Returning home, he discovers traitors and thieves under his own roof and a tinderbox of ambition and intrigue about to explode among his fellow Magnes. With Magic afoot and a vicious power struggle stretching to every corner of Gallia, Jamie doesn’t know who to trust or where to turn. But if he doesn’t rise to the occasion—and soon—all of Gallia could be absorbed by the blighted Scour, and everything—and everyone—Jamie loves could be destroyed.